Our Services

In the competitive translation industry, Proftran offers businesses exactly what they need to succeed. You ask to translate a document, then a website, and then you think for a second and say: “Look, wouldn’t it be great if we had a video to introduce our business and products to our new frontier markets?” – And our answer is invariably – “Yes, we can. On time and on budget.”

Translation services

We don't just translate words - we capture and convey their true meaning for your target audience. Here are just a few reasons why Proftran is a one-stop source for all of your language needs...

Smooth communication

Concise, efficient communication during the project via a knowledgeable, hands-on language specialist who values smooth communication and your time as much as you do.

Protecting your information

We adhere to strict corporate confidential information security guidelines as prescribed by the Professional Interpreters Code of Ethics.


Able to handle multilingual jobs all in one place. All of our services are customized to meet your exact business and language needs.


We use the latest available computer-assisted translation (CAT) software tools which support us during each step of your project and assure consistency of terminology and formatting.

File structure

Unless asked otherwise, we keep clean hierarchy and structure of your project. We can open, manage and translate any type of digital content. Period.

Fast & efficient

Depending on the scope of your project, we may engage one translator or a team of expert translators who have been working together for years, in order to increase translation capacity.


Whatever the content you need to have translated, we have staff specializing exactly in that field.

  • Law, Finance, Contracts
  • Marketing, Media, Public Relations
  • Engineering, Energy, Automotive
  • Medicals, Pharmaceuticals & Biotech
  • Academic, eLearning and more...


When we localize apps and other software, it’s our dual specialists – bilingual IT professionals – who take care of the job. We know very well the major players in the localization business, and we say with full responsibility that our service stands the highest standards. As for the price – you pay us less, while we retain best talents by paying them rather than CEOs. In the other sense, as far as cultural localization is concerned, we always find the fine balance between the native sound and the zest of a coveted import as that is exactly how your product will be perceived in the target market. After all, why would you write ‘Kompressor’ with ‘K’ on a Mercedes sold in the United States? Yep. Because it screams German engineering. And we sense that.
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Creative touch

Localization goes way beyond a basic translation's word replacement. Some materials and documents have to undergo complete adaptation and adjustment for another country and culture. We take full care of that.

Connect locally

With our staff based literally anywhere in the world, we are well aware of intercultural differences - the do's and don'ts of every target market, whatever they might be.

We'll take care of it all

We will adapt all of your impeccable content to the demands of your target markets. Whatever you want to have translated, you've come to the right place!

  • Stories
  • Websites
  • Software, Games, Apps


When it comes to large-scale projects, we seamlessly fit into the client's existing process by providing:

  • Simultaneous release in all languages to make users in all markets feel like first-class customers.
  • A streamlined process without redundant layers to speed things up.
  • A hand-picked localization team dedicated to ensuring the consistent brand voice and message.
  • Quality assurance through rigorous proofing and testing.

Initial analysis

If you're thinking about publishing your content abroad, but not sure where to begin, let's talk and find ways to accelerate your entry to foreign markets, boost revenue, realize growth opportunities and reduce costs.

Subtitles & Voice-over

Video materials can provide a by far greater boost to your sales than anything else. We are fully equipped to provide subtitles and voice-over to your video and enable you to make the best presentation of your product to a wide variety of foreign markets.


Document In - Document Out. We provide you a one-stop solution. Whenever you need to translate a publication, we will return you a print-ready product. Wow! It's all the same... except the language.